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ILs Sheet Rules

These rules and guidelines apply largely to the spreadsheet tabs other than ILs, but aren’t currently rigidly enforced. Check examples from the sheet you want to submit to, and ask in the Discord for clarification.

  1. All times must be recorded directly from the in-game timer provided by the Shine Get Timer practice code, version 2 or later (from Oct 2019), except for any times that are retimed (from e.g. full-game runs or with the fast text code accidentally left off). You may submit any IL for retiming by mods, with a cropped video – for now, just post it somewhere in the Discord and say you want it retimed.

  2. Video proof is highly encouraged for every IL, and expected for any top-3 time. Videos legitimise your times, show more respect for the competition, and provide useful documentation and ideas for others to learn from, at all skill-levels/parts of the leaderboard.

  3. The medals (gold/silver/bronze) track the top 3 times that have valid video links. The points count the number of ILs you beat, plus one for your own IL – e.g. 1 point for last place, 2 for 2nd-to-last, etc. – irrespective of video.

  4. Links should be used for valid videos, as per these criteria:
    1. The link is a video of the IL (not a picture or a heavy-metal banger 🤔).
    2. The time shown on the in-game timer in, or logged in the retime sheet for, the video matches the time reported on the sheet to within 0.02, i.e. less than a frame.
    3. The video is mostly complete, of sufficient quality and without major frame-drops (per mod discretion).
  5. If you want to link something that isn’t a valid video, you may put it in a note – e.g. a link to a video of a worse time. You can choose between reporting a worse time with link or a better one without – a choice between more points or a medal maybe – but it’s nice to still keep the other time/video in a note.

  6. ILs must be played on 60Hz (30 fps). NTSC-J and -U always run at 60Hz; PAL will also run at 60 if you hold B during the game boot and select 60Hz from the menu before the title screen appears. If this menu doesn’t appear, ensure that the Intro Skip practice code is off.

  7. All practice codes are generally allowed; some levels have specific restrictions posted in the note on the level’s name, and you should check a video to see where timing starts. General rules:
    • Free Pause is allowed but midair pausing is banned.
    • Fast Text (DPad Functions) is allowed except for Pianta 5 Full and Secret.
    • Any Fruit Opens Yoshi Eggs is allowed.
    • FMV Skips is allowed but skipping cutscenes in the normal way by pressing a button (i.e. not exit area) is banned in Pinna 1.
    • Position Store/Load (DPad Functions) is allowed specifically outside the part of the level being timed – usually to set up a starting position.
  8. ILs using the hyper-hover glitch have stricter proof requirements to ensure the setup is replicable by a verifier or future runner. For every new setup, the first submission needs to provide (1) a save-file to start from, (2) a video of the setup, and (3) a text note (on the sheet or video) explaining the setup. Future submissions on that setup only need a note mentioning which setup was used if they have video of the run itself, else aren’t subject to this rule.