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Resource Index

Any% World Segment Calculator
A spreadsheet tool to convert your split file into world segment history and bests.

Petey Pattern Tool
An app tool to analyse the probability of a Bianco 5 Petey pattern.

Text Timing
Algorithms to count text length by simulating it, and resulting timings.

Bingo Resources
Info on blue coins, nozzle/Yoshi locations, and bingo strats.

IL Sheet Archive
Copies of the IL sheet from every month since December 2017.

Old IL Sheets: Shine Touch, Real Time
The current sheet dropped on 2017/11/21. IL Archive
Retired IL leaderboard.

Country/State Records
Any%/120-Shine top 5 per country/USA-state.

A-Button Challenge
Sheet of low-A-press runs.

Evolution of Il Piantissimo

Legacy Routes (from Milk/Dutchj guide)

Any%, 79 Shine, 96 Shine Routes (Milk, Dutchj, Wilko)

120 Shine Route (Wilko | 2017/03/31)

20 Shine Routes (Milk, Dutchj)