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Bianco 2


Bianco 2 demands special attention when learning because it has the most complex decision-making of any level in the game. The basic idea is to approach the lake as fast as possible, to be able to handle any pattern the spider (pondskater) throws at you and bounce off it, and to then know which cycle to go for for windmill wall-kicks (or riding the platform). Each of these sections is covered on a separate page. The Petey fight will be handled in a separate future section.

Beginner Strategy

Though it’s tempting to crack this level on first visit since it’s the 2nd shine in most full-game categories like Any% and 120 Shines, it’s one of the most atypical and experience-heavy shines, so the biggest gains for a beginner are made by going for simplified strats and focusing on developing simple movement-oriented levels like Bianco 3 instead. As a beginner, go for the following (seen in the example video below):

  • any approach to the pond;
  • a simple linear strategy for getting the spider-bounce (see Spider section);
  • ride the windmill platform.

These video examples give broad overviews of the different strats, but both spider and windmill sections require decision-making, so need to be learnt more deeply.

Video Examples

Beginner Entry (47.01)

Intermediate Entry (32.29; WR = 31.65)

Advanced Entry (31.15; WR = 28.49)