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Bianco 2 | Approach

Beginner Approach

The normal strat for the approach is easy enough for all levels to learn, but in case you struggle, here are some notes for the beginner example.


  • Practise the initial hoverslide method shown in the video. It may take a solid week to get down but it becomes natural and gets you into fast movement habits early.
  • Practise the timing of the buffered spin (9:00 on IGT in the video) – another fundamental.
  • Pressing A for longer makes Mario rollout further – holding for 5 frames gives max distance.

Normal Approach

For the normal strat, it’s important to go as fast as possible to get good cycles at the spider and windmill (the spider’s usually still if you’re on time).


  • Log triple-jump angle: you’re aiming to land around the back 1/4 of the log; to get a good angle, you could aim to hit this corner of the path. Grinding along the right edge loses about 2 frames.
  • Log triple-jump hover: you can buffer the hover, meaning hold R before you go off the edge, and the hover comes out immediately. Hovering slows mario down, and in this case it’s faster to not buffer the hover, to preserve speed and so get a faster double and triple-jump. It saves about 0.5s, but is also harder to time since Mario starts falling before the hover.
  • Wall dive/rollout: aim for the corner of the wall, since that’s the closest landing position, and hovering is slower than land movement. As such, turn left slightly right before diving and rolling-out off the wall (not before). If you’re too fast at the log triple-jump, it’s easier and slower to aim slightly left, to hover longer and gain more height before the dive/rollout. You can slide thumb from B to A to get the rollout, or press them normally. Hold A for as little as possible – we want a short rollout, minimal height gain, so we can waterslide earlier, because that is way faster than any rollout.
  • Second hoverslide: the timing for this is the same as any hoverslide-out-of-spray – if it’s causing you trouble, just run forward while spraying for a bit (holding up + R), then hoverslide in your own time.
  • Goop + sign dodge: slide towards the edge of the goop (just right of the sign), then start holding up-left just after fully crossing the white path, to swerve away from the goop and get behind the sign. Straighten out right after passing the goop.